Potty Training has begun for Jelly Bean!

Potty Training

I was hoping to have had Jelly Bean potty trained about 6 months ago but his #problemswithpoop have delayed things somewhat. With the hot weather we were having over the last couple of weeks I decided to test the waters a little by letting him run around outside without his pants on and leaving the potty in the … Read more

Project 366 – Week 21 2016

Project 366

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through the year already? Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was getting ready for Christmas and now the Summer holidays are almost upon us. Time needs to slow down a little so we can take a minute to enjoy everything … Read more

Project 366 – Week 2

Project 366

Ok so I’m a day late in posting this but at least I have remembered to post. Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me so please do forgive my tardiness. Getting back to last week, all in all it wasn’t a bad week really. The weather was pretty rubbish but then again, it is Winter! … Read more

Not a great start to 2016 for Jelly Bean #problemswithpoop


I first told you about Jelly Bean’s tummy troubles (or #problemswithpoop as I have taken to labelling it) back in October last year. This was by no means the start of it but it was definitely the point that it reached it’s peak. After that visit to hospital we had a rollercoaster journey with Jelly Bean’s … Read more

Positive thinking: 2016 WILL be the year of Potty Training!

Potty Training

When I was approached earlier this year by Huggies Pull-Ups to be an ambassador along with Jelly Bean, I was delighted. I really thought that with the right help and support we could make Potty Training happen but that was before all of Jelly Bean’s real issues with his bowel movements kicked in. It was … Read more

Bewilderwood: we won’t let potty training spoil our family fun!

Potty Training

These are the 8 signs of readiness . . . Potty training can be a daunting prospect for parents and children alike, and in every Country/community, the approach to potty training is different. I have many friends who potty trained their children before the age of 12 months and to each their own, but with … Read more