• Simple Tips for Living with Grandparents

    Simple Tips for Living with Grandparents

    Today many families are finding that living together with varying ages of relatives is becoming more and more common. If you have a home where living with grandparents is a current situation, there are simple tips that you can use and apply to help make everyone a bit more comfortable. Many homes around the world […]

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  • Parkinsons with Lewy Body

    When Parkinson’s with Lewy Body joined the family . . .

    I want to tell you a little story, it’s about our family. I met my Husband way back in 2002 when I moved to Peterborough but we didn’t become a couple until 2004. It’s always nerve-wracking meeting a new partner’s parents but I hit it off with them straight away with my Father-in-Law Harry. He […]

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  • Where would we be without our Greatest Grandparents?

    Grandparents are amazing people aren’t they?! I remember when I was a child that my Grandparents were the most magical people in my world, of course I loved my Mum but Grandparents are supposed to be special aren’t they. They are allowed to spoil you, they don’t really do much of the ‘telling off’, they […]

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