Paige Toon, a Pet Dinosaur and SUNSHINE!! #LittleLoves

Paige Toon

I would love to tell you that it’s been a brilliant week but I have struggled massively this week. On the one hand, the Beans and I have had some fun times together BUT there has also been more than a handful of arguments which I am finding really draining. Anyway, #LittleLoves isn’t about the … Read more

Project 366 – Week 26 2016

Project 366

Grandad’s 70th Birthday celebrations were still in full flow on Sunday, we managed to squeeze as many out of days as possible not returning home until 6.45 pm so the Beans went straight to bed ready for school the next morning. We had all had a really lovely time together as a family with lots of great memories … Read more

Project 366 – Week 19 2016

Project 366

n Sunday morning one of Lillie’s oldest friend’s joined us for a trip to Nottingham to see Disney On Ice Silver Anniversary. Sadly the girls don’t get to see each other as regularly as they used to since they started at different primary schools but it’s lovely to see their excitement when they do get … Read more

Project 366 – Week 2

Project 366

Ok so I’m a day late in posting this but at least I have remembered to post. Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me so please do forgive my tardiness. Getting back to last week, all in all it wasn’t a bad week really. The weather was pretty rubbish but then again, it is Winter! … Read more

Saturday is Caption Day – 25.07.15


Yesterday the Beans and I along with our friends Karin, Ella and Sammy went for a ‘planned’ picnic in the rain at Burghley House, we aren’t going to let the weather spoil our holidays. It’s just about making sure you have the right equipment and clothing. I love how expressive the Beans faces are and … Read more

Fun and frolics at Fineshade Woods

Fineshade Woods

The Mummy Matters household is feeling a little jaded today, we’ve had a full-on weekend with my Sister and her beautiful family who came to stay with us for the weekend. Living a little over 3 hours away and all with busy lives we don’t get to see each other as often as we would … Read more