“Do you wanna build a snowman?” . . . “Nope, we want to build a den!!”


Well, to be fair it IS Autumn and there isn’t much snow around, plus we haven’t got magical powers. BUT we have got an imagination and that’s all it takes (ok plus a few random materials from around the house) to make a den!! I have to admit that building dens with my children was … Read more

End of Year 1 for Little Bean – let the summer holidays begin!!

I don’t remember each school year flying by so quickly when I was at school do you? This morning marked the end of Year 1 for Little Bean and I feel quite sad about it really. She has had a really good year at school this year, her teacher has been lovely and has definitely … Read more

This time last week: Butlins – Day 5 – The Diner and home time . . .


All too soon our Butlins break was drawing to a close but thankfully we had planned ahead and had done all of our packing the night before which meant that we still had a full morning to enjoy all that Butlins had to offer one last time. Capturing memories As I had planned we managed … Read more

This time last week: Butlins – Day 4 – Scooby Doo and Sunshine!


Little Bean finally stopped being stick at around 7 am on Thursday morning but she definitely was still not right. She looked completely wiped out and initially wasn’t keen to get out of bed. During the evening when she had been sick in her bed the Butlins staff were amazing, we asked for a change … Read more

This time last week: Butlins – Day 3 – the lurgy strikes!

Dining out at Butlins

After a late-night watching Cirque du Hilarious, we were delighted that the Beans all decided to have a little lie-in followed by a lazy morning before heading to Coast Restaurant for our breakfast. Coast was vibrantly decorated and much less busy than The Deck or The Yacht Club even though it served exactly the same … Read more

This time last week: Butlins – Getting stuck in!


Last Tuesday our day started out really well with a scrummy breakfast at The Yacht Club. Breakfast is always a meal that goes down well with our Beans and it was great to watch them tucking in. Curly took charge of drinks and made sure that everyone had what they wanted. Little Bean was delighted … Read more