• Mummy Matters

    What’s happening with the blog?

    If you have been a regular reader of Mummy Matters then you probably won’t have failed to notice that things have gone ‘off the boil’ a little of late. Before the Summer holidays I was still loving blogging as much as when I had started oh-so-many years ago but this Summer I spent 4 of […]

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  • Dear Zoo

    A parenting wake up call thanks to Dear Zoo

    Waaaay back in 2012 I attended a blog event with Little Bean and Beanie Boy for the 30th Anniversary of the favourite children’s picture book ‘Dear Zoo’. Not only did we get to take part in lots of fun Dear Zoo inspired activities but we also had the opportunity to meet the author and have […]

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  • Happy Thoughts

    Far from perfect . . .

    I’m tired. My head hurts and I feel very flat. A few nights ago I was watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beans (they LOVE You’ve Been Framed) and one of the clips made resonated with me. It was a clip of a hamster running super fast in it’s wheel and then the wheel became […]

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  • Treading water . . . 1

    Treading water . . .

    Treading water is about as close a description as I can possibly give at the moment to how I’m feeling. We are now into the fourth week of the summer holidays and to be honest I feel like we have done pretty well. I haven’t been too stressed out, or at least not for the […]

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  • 073/366 – My poorly boy :(

    There’s nothing worse than one of your children being poorly is there? You feel so helpless, especially when they are of an age where they can’t tell you what hurts or how they are feeling. We have had a bug hanging around our house now for nearly two weeks, it started with Little Bean having […]

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