• bottle feeding

    Parenting Tips: Introducing Baby to Bottle Feeding

    As I look at my youngest son sitting on the sofa in his school uniform after his second week in Reception Class I’ve been inclined to give myself a little pat on the back. I have successfully raised three children to school age and apart from their odd little quirks and ways (which make them […]

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  • Storing breastmilk

    Learning the Basics: Storing breastmilk for your baby

    One of the biggest decisions you can make as a new mother is the decision to breastfeed as opposed to bottle feeding (though the two come together for mothers who need to return to work later on). The nutrients, colostrum, and vitamins provided in breast milk help to ensure your baby has proper mental and […]

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  • What Does Baby Want?

    NEW GIVEAWAY: What Does Baby Want? – A book for breastfeeding mothers

    Phaidon is proud to publish What Does Baby Want? a groundbreaking children’s board book featuring a hungry baby and a breastfeeding mother. Created by Japan’s top design duo, Tupera Tupera, What Does Baby Want? is light-hearted, humorous and specially created for the enjoyment and engagement of babies, toddlers and adults. What Does Baby Want? This […]

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