• Mummy Matters

    What’s happening with the blog?

    If you have been a regular reader of Mummy Matters then you probably won’t have failed to notice that things have gone ‘off the boil’ a little of late. Before the Summer holidays I was still loving blogging as much as when I had started oh-so-many years ago but this Summer I spent 4 of […]

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  • Little Bean

    How do I help my lonely girl?

    As the Summer holidays are moving into their last week I’ve been looking back with mixed feelings. We have mostly had a lovely Summer, fun family days out and getaways, 90% sunshine and warm weather but there has been something playing on my mind throughout. Little Bean isn’t a happy girl, she has spent much […]

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  • Sunflower Seed

    Beanie Boy’s turn to say a very sad goodbye . . .

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – there will be lots of tears shed today. Lots by me, LOADS by Caroline (Beanie Boy’s key worker) and possibly even a few tears by Beanie Boy himself. Today we have to say goodbye to some of our favourite people as today marks his last day at Sunflower […]

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  • Remembrance Day 2013 2

    Remembrance Day 2013

    I know, I’m a bit late with this post. To be honest, I’m not sure where the week has gone, it’s been a blur of tissues, hot lemon and snuggles on the sofa. The whole family has been full of colds and coughs, it has just flown by. Remembrance Day 2013 Tonight I was looking […]

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  • Treading water . . . 3

    Treading water . . .

    Treading water is about as close a description as I can possibly give at the moment to how I’m feeling. We are now into the fourth week of the summer holidays and to be honest I feel like we have done pretty well. I haven’t been too stressed out, or at least not for the […]

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  • Well that’s rather annoying! 4

    Well that’s rather annoying!

    As today’s school day draws to a close for Little Bean, she will have completed her first half term at Primary School and let me tell you, she is ready for this break. Most evenings when I collect her from school at the moment, she cries within half an hour of the school bell ringing. […]

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  • Help!! School is ruining my daughter! 5

    Help!! School is ruining my daughter!

    I’ve heard people say it before but hadn’t really thought about it until recent weeks. Little Bean has nearly completed her first half-term at Primary School and I have to say, I don’t like what it has done to her. Before starting school she was a sweet-natured, loving little girl. Yes of course she had […]

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