Not a great start to 2016 for Jelly Bean #problemswithpoop


I first told you about Jelly Bean’s tummy troubles (or #problemswithpoop as I have taken to labelling it) back in October last year. This was by no means the start of it but it was definitely the point that it reached it’s peak. After that visit to hospital we had a rollercoaster journey with Jelly Bean’s … Read more

What do you do when you know your child keeps telling lies to you?

What do you do when you know your child keeps telling lies to you? 1

I completely understand that telling lies is part and parcel of a child’s development and growth but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy pill to swallow. I really do my absolute best to try to bring my children up to be honest, caring and good children but somewhere along the way we seemed to have … Read more

Treading water . . .

Treading water . . . 3

Treading water is about as close a description as I can possibly give at the moment to how I’m feeling. We are now into the fourth week of the summer holidays and to be honest I feel like we have done pretty well. I haven’t been too stressed out, or at least not for the … Read more

Well that’s rather annoying!

Today marks a significant milestone for Little Bean – the conclusion of her first half term at Primary School. And frankly, she’s exhausted. These days, tears are a common occurrence within thirty minutes of the school bell. I attribute this to the fatigue and overwhelming adjustment to her new routine. Whenever I’m asked, “How is … Read more

Help!! School is ruining my daughter!

Starting School

I’ve often heard people say it, but I never truly understood until these recent weeks. Little Bean is nearing the end of her first half-term at Primary School, and frankly, I’m concerned about the changes in her. She was once this sweet-natured, affectionate little girl – yes, with her share of tantrums, as I’ve candidly … Read more