• halloween

    How to Safely Give Candy Out This Halloween

    In this blog post, we will talk about how you, as the parent, can make sure that your child has an enjoyable and safe experience with Halloween candy. We’ll discuss what types of candy are best for kids, why they should have just one piece at a time, and more!

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  • Halloween Slime Tutorials

    20 Gooey Halloween Slime Tutorials

    If you’re looking for something scarily good for Halloween this year, get ready to get sticky and messy with some super simple DIY Halloween Slime Tutorials. Halloween Preparations When people think of Halloween, their minds automatically go to candy and costumes. And while that might be true for all of us (Reeses please!), you can […]

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  • Introducing Heaven’s Homebaked Cakes

    Heaven’s Homebaked Cakes is a small business based in Yaxley on the outskirts of Peterborough. It began earlier this year after Suzanne, the proprietor, signed herself up for a sugar crafting course at the suggestion of her Mother-in-Law. Suzanne discovered that not only did she enjoy it but she was a natural. Fast forward a […]

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  • #SkyCinemaHalloween

    Pumpkin carving success! {#SkyCinemaHalloween}

    It’s an annual tradition in the Mummy Matters household that we carve our pumpkins and put them outside ready for Halloween. In the past we have pretty much stuck to the standard pumpkin faces with wonky mouths and eyes but there has been the odd occasion where we have ventured to do something a little […]

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  • How to Keep Your Ghouls and Goblins Safe this Halloween

    If you’re exhausted by the very idea of trying to keep your kids safe on the spookiest of nights, then this post is for you! It’s an understandable anxiety. Between the chilly weather, exposure to strangers and tons of other kids, not to mention the frightening news stories, Halloween can become a quite real nightmare […]

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