• Love Writing Co

    Love Writing Co Improving Albie’s Handwriting Skills

    #ad Learning to write doesn’t come naturally for all children and I personally feel that the teaching of cursive writing at school makes the process even more complicated and messy. Introducing Love Writing Co Albie has been sent a beginner’s pack of Love Writing Co stationery and handwriting practice books to help improve his writing […]

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  • Tetra Aquarium

    Setting up our Tetra AquaArt Explorer 30L Aquarium

    As a family, we have been keeping tropical fish for three to four years now but to date have only had a very small 8L aquarium. I wanted to be sure that the children would help to take good care of the fish before we dared to try something bigger and happy in the knowledge […]

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  • EFT

    EFT was the answer we needed {#ProblemswithPoop}

    If you have been reading Mummy Matters for a while you will know the struggles we have had with Albie being too frightened to poop, I have written about the stress and worry this has caused us over the last few years. Trying to keep on top of medicine prescriptions to ensure that we never […]

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  • Starting school

    Albie’s First Day at School

    Since 2008 when Lillie was born my life has revolved around being at home with my children and yesterday, it all changed. At four and a half year’s old, Albie had his first day at school and it really couldn’t have come soon enough for my littlest man. Too excited to wait Unlike his big […]

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  • Birthday in Hospital

    Jelly Bean’s 4th Birthday . . . in hospital!

    In the days leading up to Jelly Bean’s birthday party for his 4th Birthday, things were starting to go downhill. He came down with a bit of a cough and cold which was going around his friends at preschool and as a result became dehydrated and began withholding his poops again. I preempted the fact […]

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