#NappyHacks A Frank & Honest Guide to changing Nappies

From Aldi Mamia and DadBlog UK – #NappyHacks Congratulations, you’re a new dad! Welcome to the world of varying sleep patterns, the intricacies of car seats and cot building, and the one task that can truly be described as Herculean… nappy changing. With 25% of a family’s weekly child care now carried out by Dad,1 gone … Read more

Celebrate your little one’s Champion Moves with Pampers and Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis Pampers Little Champions

As a family our baby days are almost behind us, this Summer I am hoping to start the potty training journey with Jelly Bean and this actually fills me with a tinge of sadness. Looking back through old videos and photographs of my ‘babies’ I can’t help but smile and shed a little tear at … Read more

Positive thinking: 2016 WILL be the year of Potty Training!

Potty Training

When I was approached earlier this year by Huggies Pull-Ups to be an ambassador along with Jelly Bean, I was delighted. I really thought that with the right help and support we could make Potty Training happen but that was before all of Jelly Bean’s real issues with his bowel movements kicked in. It was … Read more

Bewilderwood: we won’t let potty training spoil our family fun!

Potty Training

These are the 8 signs of readiness . . . Potty training can be a daunting prospect for parents and children alike, and in every Country/community, the approach to potty training is different. I have many friends who potty trained their children before the age of 12 months and to each their own, but with … Read more

Stock up on your baby and toddler essentials before 8th February


Everybody knows that raising children doesn’t come cheap so we need to save our pennies where we can and at Asda’s Baby and Toddler Event you can do just that! I popped into our local Asda Living yesterday and got stocked up on nappies, wipes, vests and sleepsuits. I pop in there regularly anyway but … Read more