3 Ways to Get Kids Off Gadgets and Go Outdoors

Outdoor fun

With internet shopping, mobile banking and instant messaging, gadgets have taken over our lives, but it’s not just the adults who have been affected, it’s time to get kids off gadgets too. From toddlers using tablets to teens obsessed with Snapchat, our kids are always using gadgets. If you are worried about the impact then … Read more

Getting Children Engaged: Break the Tablet Habit and Consider a Drone Instead


Nowadays, we feel like it’s completely natural for our children to spend their time glued to a phone or a tablet. After all, these are portable devices, and they keep our young ones distracted with digital content that keeps them busy while we’re tackling other tasks. But how does such a lifestyle affect their health … Read more

Summer’s Coming: The Educational Activities To Prep Now


With spring firmly underway, summer is only around the corner. As the months warm up, we get one step closer to the super long summer break. Whether your children are in school are homeschooled, school being out for summer doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. If you’re passionate about educating your child, you can … Read more

How to get a teen off a screen with Bladez Quad Racer and Missile Launcher

The Problem We all have them, I’m sure of it? The teen who grunts at you if you dare speak to them, barely acknowleding your existence or worse still, that of their younger siblings. They stare at screens all.day.long! Computer screens, games consoles, TVs and if you suggest they might like to get out in … Read more