Project 366 – Week 19 2016

Project 366

n Sunday morning one of Lillie’s oldest friend’s joined us for a trip to Nottingham to see Disney On Ice Silver Anniversary. Sadly the girls don’t get to see each other as regularly as they used to since they started at different primary schools but it’s lovely to see their excitement when they do get … Read more

Project 366 – Week 17 2016


Oh dear, it looks like I’m playing catch up again!! I started off so well with my Project 366 but these last few weeks seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur. Soooooo, carrying on from where we left off at Week 17 our Sunday afternoon was a #FamilyFilmNight with a few … Read more

It’s oh-so-quiet . . . Picnic date with my boy


I’m kind of going to be blogging a little bit backwards over the next week or so as I’ve been having internet problems (damn you BT) which has made me fall behind with posts about our activities over the Easter Holidays and they were all so good that I have to make sure that they get … Read more

Project 366 – Week 11 2016

Project 366

I’m only technically a day late this week so I’m quite impressed that I have made it this far. Last Sunday we popped into Peterborough with my Sister and her family as they wanted to check out Tiger Store since they don’t have one very close to where they live and it has fast become … Read more

Hands up who’s excited about the European Aquatics Championships?!

Becky Adlington

The London 2012 Olympics seem like a distant memory now, it’s scary how quickly time flies. It’s hard to believe that Jelly Bean was still just a growing baby in my tummy at the time and last week he was asking Becky Adlington to hold his hand as we enjoyed a tour of the London Aquatics Centre. … Read more

What do you do when your child won’t poop? #problemswithpoop


This seems to be a question that I am asking over and over again but I’m yet to find the answer. Since Jelly Bean’s last episode in January, things were going well whilst we kept his medication at the level of him basically having runny poops all of the time. He would only pass one … Read more

Not a great start to 2016 for Jelly Bean #problemswithpoop


I first told you about Jelly Bean’s tummy troubles (or #problemswithpoop as I have taken to labelling it) back in October last year. This was by no means the start of it but it was definitely the point that it reached it’s peak. After that visit to hospital we had a rollercoaster journey with Jelly Bean’s … Read more

Positive thinking: 2016 WILL be the year of Potty Training!

Potty Training

When I was approached earlier this year by Huggies Pull-Ups to be an ambassador along with Jelly Bean, I was delighted. I really thought that with the right help and support we could make Potty Training happen but that was before all of Jelly Bean’s real issues with his bowel movements kicked in. It was … Read more