• Project 366

    Project 366 – Week 26 2016

    Grandad’s 70th Birthday celebrations were still in full flow on Sunday, we managed to squeeze as many out of days as possible not returning home until 6.45 pm so the Beans went straight to bed ready for school the next morning. We had all had a really lovely time together as a family with lots of great memories […]

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  • Picnic

    It’s oh-so-quiet . . . Picnic date with my boy

    I’m kind of going to be blogging a little bit backwards over the next week or so as I’ve been having internet problems (damn you BT) which has made me fall behind with posts about our activities over the Easter Holidays and they were all so good that I have to make sure that they get […]

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  • Sunshine

    Here comes the sun . . . again!

    Oh, I do love the sunshine, doesn’t it just make you feel alive, energised and motivated to get on and do . . . something?! I don’t know what but today I feel like I need to be ‘doing’, mind you that said I’m never one to just sit around and do nothing, I always […]

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  • The Playgroup Secret Society

    This morning I took Beanie Boy to a new playgroup which I found out about through a Grandma at another playgroup we usually attend. I had always been worried with Beanie Boy that he would be the child clinging to my legs the moment I tried to leave him somewhere but from the moment we […]

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  • First Day at Preschool for Little Bean

    Today marked the start of Little Bean’s journey to being a ‘big girl’ as this was her first day at preschool.  She has been ready for so long now, we’ve had lots of fun at home together but we have definitely reached the point where she needs more stimulation than I can give her – […]

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