It’s oh-so-quiet . . . Picnic date with my boy

I’m kind of going to be blogging a little bit backwards over the next week or so as I’ve been having internet problems (damn you BT) which has made me fall behind with posts about our activities over the Easter Holidays and they were all so good that I have to make sure that they get on the blog.

It's oh-so-quiet . . . Picnic date with my boy

Now that the Beans are all back at school, though, the house feels eerily quiet. Our Easter holidays were so enjoyable that I wasn’t really ready for them all to go back to school. We all got on well; we relaxed, went on adventures, did crafts, schoolwork, days out and movies at home. Now the house is empty once more; I miss them. Even Jelly Bean isn’t around so much now that he has started two full days a week at preschool, I ummed and ahhed over whether to send him for longer days, but the reality is, he’s ready for it. He is a sociable little chap and still has a few life lessons to learn about sharing with others, so preschool is the place for that.


Yesterday, he was at home with me again, and the sun was shining brightly, so after a morning tidying the house and trying to get on top of the washing (and failing), I decided we needed to get out in the sunshine and make the most of our time alone together. I threw together a picnic and some slightly stale bread for the ducks, and we popped into town to a lovely little public garden by the River. We had the garden all to ourselves and had lots of fun. We talked about the birds in the trees, their nests, the pretty flowers and plants growing all around us and the sounds that we could hear if we were really quiet (quite a tough call for Jelly Bean).


Jelly Bean picked me some daisies, and we made a pretty love heart out of them on our picnic blanket. He ate all of his lunch without complaining (he is getting quite the monkey at mealtimes).


Afterwards, we walked the few steps to the River to feed the ducks and then realised the little faux pas; there were no ducks! Just a lone duck sleeping on the opposite bank which had no interest in the bread at all. The seagulls (I think that’s what they were) came down and stole the bread, which upset Jelly Bean. He decided the ducks must have gone on holiday, so we packed up and went for a little walk into town, then drove alongside the River but still didn’t find the ducks. Poor little Jelly Bean went to bed for his afternoon nap in tears because he didn’t feed the ducks. I have promised him we will find the ducks another day.


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