• Why Every Mum Needs a Microwave at Home

    Why Every Mum Needs a Microwave at Home

    If you’re a mum and you’re deciding what kitchen appliance to get next, you should go with any affordable microwave that would fit your budget. The technology of microwaves has been around for years, so even inexpensive models can really be a great addition to your kitchen.  Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why […]

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  • eatsleepdoodle

    Fabulous eatsleepdoodle Bundle Giveaway

    Today I am teaming up with educational gift company eatsleepdoodle to celebrate the launch of their new Working Wheels pillowcase by offering one lucky Mummy Matters reader the chance to win a fabulous eatsleepdoodle bundle of goodies. Who are eatsleepdoodle? In 2010 Chrissie Probert Jones switched her successful career as a journalist and consultant to […]

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  • Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand

    Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand

    You never know when the urge to start crafting is going to happen. This is why you have to keep quite a few crafting supplies on hand so that you can be easily prepared when it does strike. Keep in mind that all of these supplies can actually be used for many other activities as […]

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