• The Beans are getting their skates on

    The Beans are getting their skates on

    My Beans are quite an active bunch (and by that, I mean they have a LOT of energy to burn). As a family, we love nothing more than getting outdoors and having fun on our own two feet or with the help of a few wheels. This Summer, the Beans have been doing exactly that […]

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  • scooterslingz

    Scooterslingz helping you #scootthroughautumn

    The problem with carrying scooters . . . Since Jelly Bean has moved preschools we have been able to walk to school more often and the Beans love it, they don’t even care about the weather. Little Bean and Beanie Boy always want to #ScootThroughAutumn (and Winter) and Jelly Bean likes the idea of scooting but doesn’t […]

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  • Project 366

    Project 366 – Week 11 2016

    I’m only technically a day late this week so I’m quite impressed that I have made it this far. Last Sunday we popped into Peterborough with my Sister and her family as they wanted to check out Tiger Store since they don’t have one very close to where they live and it has fast become […]

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  • Barbie

    Great gifts for girls this Christmas

    Maybe it’s because I’m female, I don’t know but I always find it so much easier buying for gifts for girls at Christmas. Perhaps it’s because there are always pretty little knick knacks around for girls?? To prove a point, this year as we are approaching Christmas I have already managed to finished Little Bean’s […]

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