Fineshade Woods

Fun and frolics at Fineshade Woods

The Mummy Matters household is feeling a little jaded today, we’ve had a full-on weekend with my Sister and her beautiful family who came to stay with us for the weekend. Living a little over 3 hours away and all with busy lives we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like to but when we do get together we always have fun and it feels like it was only yesterday that we saw each other.

Fineshade Woods

My sister and I are both RUBBISH at keeping in touch with each other, we send the odd text and have a little communication via Facebook but we are both busy Mums and we all know how life just has a tendency to run away with us so time passes by all too quickly. This weekend we were able to spend lots of time together just talking, having a giggle and we even managed to squeeze in a spot of retail therapy.

Fineshade Woods

On Saturday our plan was to wear all the children out so that we could get them all into bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday night to maximise on some adult time to enjoy a nice meal and relax with a few drinks. What better way to wear children out than to give them lots of outdoor physical activity, so with that in mind we hopped into our respective family cars and went to Fineshade Woods near Corby.

Fineshade Woods

We enjoyed a yummy picnic on the benches by the Visitor Centre and then watched the children play in the adventure playground and then went for a walk through the woods to the TreeTops play area where the children had more of a play and then we had some ‘team-building’ fun in the form of den building. The children (big and small) loved this and it was an interesting exercise as parents to stand back every now and then to see how the team naturally fell into place.

Fineshade Woods

My sister and I have commented many times on how similar our children are, Little Bean and Master E are soooooo similar in their ways that it’s uncanny; both very bossy, always wants to be in control of a situation and not always willing to compromise or listen to others. In the past year we have noticed how similar Beanie Boy is to Miss S; emotional, sensitive, caring and quieter than their siblings. Watching them all doing den building, I was surprised at how easily Little Bean fell into place letting Master E take control. I thought we would have had a power battle on our hands but she stepped back and worked well with Miss S, Beanie Boy and myself to build a family sized den.

Fineshade Woods

Daddy and K worked as a team with a little help from Jelly Bean to create more of a ‘shelter’ than a den. They both share the same birthday and again are so similar to each other, they get on like a house on fire and are probably equally as excited about getting together as my sister and I.

Fineshade Woods

Unfortunately we now won’t see each other again until after the Summer as our plans and free dates don’t coincide but we will make sure we fit a date in as soon as we can.

How often do you see your siblings and distant family members?




  • Mummy of Two + 1

    July 27 at 6:14 pm

    Sounds like the perfect family weekend! What a lovely place for the little ones to let off some steam.

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