Paige Toon, a Pet Dinosaur and SUNSHINE!! #LittleLoves

I would love to tell you that it’s been a brilliant week but I have struggled massively this week. On the one hand, the Beans and I have had some fun times together BUT there has also been more than a handful of arguments which I am finding really draining. Anyway, #LittleLoves isn’t about the bad stuff, it’s about focusing on the good so onwards and upwards . . .



Paige Toon

Thanks to my Mum I discovered the author Paige Toon last year and she has fast become my new favourite. This week I have read Johnny Be Good from cover to cover, I even had a few early nights just so that I could read another chapter. Paige mixes love stories with travel and writes in such a way that you really feel that you are there, I swear I could see the landscapes and feel the emotions as if I were right there in LA with Meg. Meg moves from the UK to LA to be a PA to rock star Johnny Jefferson and it isn’t long before the sexual tension builds. The book ended on such a cliffhanger that I found a great website called World of Books where I was able to order the second book in the series for just £2.80 with free postage. I can’t wait to get stuck into book two.


Whilst we were out shopping for birthday presents for Daddy the Beans spotted a DVD which took their fancy called My Pet Dinosaur. We bought it and went home for a movie afternoon which was lovely. The four of us snuggled up on the sofa with the curtains closed and fell in love with the super cute dinosaur which materializes from a science experiment in a boy’s bedroom. The film had lots of similarities to ET but we all loved ET right so it’s just like a modern-day twist.



Last weekend I finally got around to making an Easter wreath with the materials I bought 3 years ago and forgot to do. It was super simple and quick to make, in total I think it cost me around £3.50 but it looks brilliant and made a lovely addition to our Easter decorations. It was also a great excuse to break out the glue gun which I could have got quite carried away with, I was having so much fun I wanted to glue everything in sight!!


Nothing of interest, move along.


Fun and laughter . . . during one of their friendlier moments this week, the Beans set up Lillie’s play post-office in her bedroom. I’ve got to give it to them when they are in the right mood they can play so well together. I actually stood outside the room for about 20 minutes loving how they were using their imagination and making each other laugh. Before I walked away I popped my head in and praised them hugely for playing so well together . . . this seemed to break the magic because 5 minutes later they were arguing again.

And lastly

Wasn’t it amazing to finally see some sunshine this week? After a bit of a stressful week, it was lovely to get out for a walk in the sunshine. We had lots of fun on the scooters and making silly boomerang videos on my phone. We actually spent a lovely few hours at Burghley House, just such a shame it all went downhill as we made our way back to the car. Oh well, must focus on the positives!!!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


4 thoughts on “Paige Toon, a Pet Dinosaur and SUNSHINE!! #LittleLoves”

    • Yes I like a good crime thriller too, I flit and change from one type of book to another. The sunshine makes all the difference, we just don’t seem to have seen much of it so far this year. Hopefully it’s just around the corner!! xx

  1. I think these Easter holidays have been so tricky with the weather being so bad. I don’t know any one that hasn’t had ups and downs with their kids over the last couple of weeks. It’s so lovely when they actually do play together though isn’t it? I hope this week is being good to you so far xx

    • Oh yes I am definitely not alone and can definitely hear you on the weather. We went camping at the weekend and whilst Saturday was glorious sunshine, Sunday and Monday was all about the rain. Thankfully the children just got on with it and had a blast xx

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