The Healthy Happy Mum Plan

The Happy Healthy Mum Plan

For me, becoming a Mum is the most amazing achievement in my life. It’s the one thing that I dreamt of growing up and I feel lucky to have not one but three beautiful children of my own and being step-parent to one fantastic step-son. I always considered myself quite lucky to have Will in … Read more

How Online Learning is Empowering Mums…and everyone else!


The rise in online learning is certainly something most people are aware off but there are still millions of people that may never choose to engage and even look into a course. It has done wonders for people from many different walks of life and could help even more. It has been a lifeline for … Read more

Top Tips for Mums Thinking of Studying Online


As a Mum, bettering yourself and furthering your career isn’t just about you any longer; it’s also about giving your children the best that you can possibly afford in life—going back to school as a Mum can be a hugely daunting experience, especially if you are already juggling a job with looking after little ones. … Read more