Woohoo I joined the gym again!!

A little bit of history

Last year in the run up to my 40th birthday and for a few months after I was feeling great, I was out running most days and exercising at home. It felt good to be getting back to the ‘old me’ but then fate stepped in and I sprained my ankle. The intention had been to get back on it as soon as physically possible but I complete lost all motivation and have slowly got heavier and heavier.


Exercise at home

In between times I have managed to start exercising at home again with the help of Joe Wicks The Body Coach Workout which I have really enjoyed doing BUT exercising at home takes some discipline and since I work from home too I have really battled with my conscience. Coming home to start exercising when I know there is work to be done or the dishwasher to put on or washing machine to unload, the exercise goes out of the window and the result is that I am so unhappy with my body shape and weight right now I would rather hide at home that actually go out. I do not feel nice in clothes and I just feel really unhealthy.

Decision time

Last week as I celebrated my 41st birthday I decided that my present to myself would be to re-join the gym. I haven’t actually been to the gym since before I was pregnant with Jelly Bean so things had changed quite a bit but setting foot in there this morning felt really good. I surprised myself by being able to run 2 miles on a small incline at a reasonable pace, ok so it’s not a marathon but it’s a start. I played around with a few of the weight machines but next week I am having an induction with a personal trainer so I shall wait for them to help me devise a plan to shape up my middle area.

Just the beginning . . .

It’s been a long time coming but it feels good to be doing something for me and I’m really looking forward to getting back into shape again, it’s time for me to regain some of my confidence and show my family that Mummy Matters too!!

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