• The Happy Healthy Mum Plan

    The Healthy Happy Mum Plan

    For me, becoming a Mum is the most amazing achievement in my life. It’s the one thing that I dreamt of growing up and I feel lucky to have not one but three beautiful children of my own and being step-parent to one fantastic step-son. I always considered myself quite lucky to have Will in […]

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  • Happy

    Giggles galore at our Happy Party!

    On Tuesday evening this week, Beanie Boy was invited to a birthday party after school which left Little Bean and Jelly Bean a little down in the dumps, Jelly Bean being only 2 years old just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to go to the party with his big brother so the tears began […]

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  • Photobook

    My Mother’s Day favourites . . . (hint hint)!

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching on Sunday 15th March, it’s time to get your thinking caps on again about what to buy for the Mum’s in your life. Every Mum is different and so they won’t all want the same things but I always think that Mother’s Day is a special day to say thank […]

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  • Much needed girlie time thanks to MyVue 1

    Much needed girlie time thanks to MyVue

    Looking outside at the weather today it looks pretty much the same as last Saturday, the only difference is that today I am sitting here typing up this post and last week I was about half way through a very enjoyable day out with just Little Bean and myself. I am very aware of the […]

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  • Playroom

    Do your children choose their own bedroom decor?

    When we moved the children’s rooms around in preparation for the arrival of Jelly Bean we asked each of them how they would like their bedrooms decorated. We gave them as much ‘free choice’ with their rooms as we possibly could, depending on how expensive their ideas became. Our philosophy was that they need to […]

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