• Proud Mum

    Why I am proud to be a Mum

    For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a Mum, I didn’t have any grand designs to be a popstar, a Doctor, a vet or a policewoman. Family is what matters to me, always has, always will. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have personal ambitions, I worked hard at school, […]

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  • Happy Thoughts

    Far from perfect . . .

    I’m tired. My head hurts and I feel very flat. A few nights ago I was watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beans (they LOVE You’ve Been Framed) and one of the clips made resonated with me. It was a clip of a hamster running super fast in it’s wheel and then the wheel became […]

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  • Happy Mother’s Day to Me! 1

    Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

    I’m such a lucky Mummy, not only do I have the best four kiddywinks (ok today I’m pretending they are always really well behaved and don’t drive me potty!) but today they have spoilt me rotten. I also received a lovely new charm for my Hot Diamonds bracelet from Jelly Bean but I didn’t dare […]

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  • A mixed birthday bag . . .

    Last Thursday I celebrated my 36th birthday and when I say a mixed birthday bag, I don’t mean a mixed bag of presents. I mean I’ve had a pretty mixed bag as far as birthday celebrations go. My birthday always feels like it lasts a couple of days because my Mum’s birthday is two days […]

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  • I love being a Mummy

    For as long as I can remember I dreamed of one day becoming a Mummy, ‘three’ was always my magic number, the number of children I wanted to have. I don’t know why three exactly, because most people who I know that came from a family of three said that it was pretty rubbish, two […]

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  • 021/366 – A tearjerker

    It’s fair to say that my relationship with Curly has struggled since Beanie Boy came along, not because I love him any less or because Curly is jealous of Beanie Boy but suddenly I struggled to find time (and I know that I am totally wrong for this). Beanie Boy has been very much a […]

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  • Do you feel censored?

    When I first started blogging I didn’t really think about ‘who’ would be reading my blog, it was just somewhere to write about life with my family from ‘my’ point of view as a wife, mother and stepmum. All three of those roles can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measures because that is family […]

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