How Online Learning is Empowering Mums…and everyone else!

The rise in online learning is certainly something most people are aware off but there are still millions of people that may never choose to engage and even look into a course. It has done wonders for people from many different walks of life and could help even more. It has been a lifeline for those whom English isn’t their first language but can’t afford to take expensive English lessons. By learning English online for free they can better integrate, find jobs and generally have a better life in the UK. It is also amazing for older people who wish to keep their minds active or perhaps re-skill in their 50s and 60s. Quite often a college course is simply too much in terms of cost and commitment but an online course can be a perfect way to start. But one of the areas it has really started to shine and one where it has the potential to really become a revolution is in its empowerment of parents and mums especially.

The Home-Maker?

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Some time back in what felt like the dark ages, it was expected that a woman would become a homemaker and simply be content to look after the kids and their husband. Her career aspirations were somewhat ignored, to say the least. We then moved ahead in the 80s and 90s to a certain extent and we were in a position where a woman seemed to have to choose between a career and a family. Since then there is, of course, a lot more choice out there and flexibility offered by employers etc. But often this is a luxury for higher paid women who can afford childcare or are so skilled that employers are willing to create a working week that fits in the kids. The reality is that a lot of women are not in a position to be in total control of their career and end up in part-time jobs they hate and looking after the kids in-between. Of course, taking time out to have kids is normal but the challenge comes when they feel they want something more but retraining, gaining new skills and looking for more enjoyable work.

The Liberation of Learning

So what can a woman do when she is stuck in a boring part-time job simply because it fits around the kids? She can’t just pay for childcare and go to college because both of these things have serious cost implications. Well, thankfully women can now turn to the wonderful world of online learning from free YouTube tutorials and larger learning platforms like Udemy. Finally, people can simply choose a subject or a skill they wish to begin learning or even just explore a little and often for free or very little money that can begin a journey towards a new career, job or starting up a small business.

Flexibility is Empowering

Online Learning
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Because of the utter flexibility of online learning women can simply learn when they have time. While this still seems annoying that our time has to be dictated by kids and “homemaking” it is worth remembering men have the same issue to a certain extent. Many men are stuck in jobs they hate doing 8-9 hours a day and also don’t have time to re-skill to do something else. Online learning can help anyone follow their dreams so it is empowering to us all and should be celebrated as such. The idea of settling down to an online lesson while the supportive husband puts the kids down is becoming more and more common and it is a great thing. This massive choice and flexibility are empowering millions of mums to begin learning a new skill or perhaps refreshing some old skills to levels where they can start looking for satisfying and enjoyable work.


While online learning is certainly not responsible for the rise of the mumpreneur it is certainly helping. There are many mums out there who have the skills and the drive to begin their own businesses without any external help. But, there is also a lot of mums who have the brains and drive but perhaps not the knowledge to really make it work. In comes online learning again to help fill the gap between drive and knowledge. By capturing the will to create a business and adding in one or more online courses woman is starting up better businesses that are more likely to succeed. Online learning is easy to access and can help remove some of the reasons why so many startups fail in the first year. By taking the time to really learn the trade mums are building better businesses and better lives for them and those around them.

What Are You Waiting For?

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You may not want to start a business or even move jobs but that doesn’t mean online learning has no place in your life. Learning a new language, or a musical instrument can do wonders for mental health and general happiness. But for those who crave mental stimulation in the workplace or dream of starting a small business online learning is the key, the gateway and the ongoing support that can make all the difference and really open doors perhaps mums felt would never be opened.

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