9 ways to boost your body confidence

Body Confidence

Poor body confidence can have a major impact on your mental wellbeing.  When I was younger I had low body confidence because I was so slim, you could see my hip bones, my collar bones and my knees seemed overly prominent.  No matter how many times people told me how lucky I was, I hated … Read more

3 BIG Reasons to Encourage Budding Artists

Budding Artists

As someone who has been drawing since she can remember, I find it a little shocking — and upsetting — when I find parents who, while they might have initially encouraged their children to show off their artistic side, later adjusted them towards something different. Something different, like medical school, or law school, or physics, … Read more

A Better Version of You: Finding a Self-Confidence Formula that Works

If you think that there’s a one-size-fits-all magic formula for self-confidence, please think again. Confidence, a healthy sense of ego, and self-assurance are all inside jobs, so to speak, and neither quality can be bestowed by another. Develop your own strengths and you might be surprised at how your self-worth skyrockets. Step one on the … Read more

The different types of breast surgery – What makes sense for you?

breast surgery

You’ve finally decided to get the breast surgery you’ve always dreamed of, but what does breast surgery entail, exactly? Well, there are a number of different types of breast surgeries available, and the one you choose depends entirely on your needs. Here’s a quick run through the most obvious types of breast surgery available. Breast … Read more

10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day

10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day 1

If there is one aspect of my ‘beauty routine’ that will guarantee whether I feel good or bad about myself, it’s my hair. It is pretty much the first thing that people will notice when they see you like your hair is more visible than say your make-up at a distance. I always notice others’ … Read more