• Who is Sabina Green?

    Who is Sabina Green?

    My beautiful friend Kara has tagged me in a post where you get to find out a little bit more about me. Despite this blog being called Mummy Matters, it has been pointed out that I actually don’t talk about myself that much. I’m a family-first kind of person so I guess that tells you […]

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  • Candles

    Mum’s Night In: A child-free guide to having a night to yourself

    Being a parent is difficult, especially if you are the kind of person who requires time alone to recharge and function at your best. Children need almost constant supervision, support and stability, which if we’re completely honest can be as exhausting as it is fulfilling. Fortunately, there are a few nights every so often when […]

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  • Mummy Matters


    I can’t switch off. You would think it was an easy thing to do but its just not. This isn’t a new ‘thing’ for me, I have always known this about myself but I really do need to find a way as I’m wearing myself out. I have just returned home from a truly brilliant […]

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  • Looking within . . .

    As a Mum it’s very rare to find the time to really think about yourself, we’re always so busy trying to make sure that everyone is fed and watered, has clean clothes and reasonably presentable house. But recently I have been trying to get out walking more, I love nothing more than going for long […]

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  • Mummy’s little helpers!

    When you have children, you always like to think that they will grow up to be kind-hearted, thoughtful and generally good all round but sometimes it still makes you stop in your tracks when you witness them stand up and offer to help to do something without even being asked. Little Bean has always been […]

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  • The Gallery: 11.11.11

    Good old Tara she does like to make our grey cells do some leg work for The Gallery. This week she set the theme of 11.11.11 but luckily I knew just the pictures to use and cleverly make them into a collage to fit the theme . . . I took these photographs last weekend […]

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  • The Gallery: TOWIE

    When the Mummy Matters family visited London for the weekend a few weeks ago we had to make the customary pit stop at South Mimms services to tend to the cries of “Mummy I need a wee” just 15minutes after we had set out on our journey home. As we unloaded the children from the […]

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  • First time in a Police Station

    Yesterday I took Little Bean and Beanie Boy to somewhere new, the local Police Station! It wasn’t a leisurely visit, unfortunately last Saturday as were driving down to London I spotted flashing lights in my rear view mirror and swiftly moved to the next lane so that they could pass by. Imagine how shocked I […]

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  • The Gallery: Colours

    So this week Tara set the Gallery Theme of Colours. Immediately my mind jumped to the plethora of photos of flowers which I have, such bright and beautiful colours I just love taking photos of flowers but as I was looking through them I came across this photo. I took this when I visited the […]

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