How To Get Stronger Nails And Hair?


There aren’t many beauty products that work equally well on both the hair and nails. Obviously, the common link between the two is your body, which usually means your nutrition or environment. But first, you should check your personal care regimens anyway. Regeneration is Key “Regeneration” is the key to building up strong hair and … Read more

New Year Self-care with Forever Living #ad

Forever Living

Last year my self-care routine started out really well and last throughout the majority of the year, in fact, pretty much up until the start of September when I badly fractured my ankle. Then it was downhill to the end of the year. This year I am starting as I mean to go on and … Read more

Orb Spa Vibra Soft Shower Head

Orb Spa

For the past few weeks we have been using the Orb Spa Vibra Soft Shower Head, it looks like no other shower head I have ever seen before. Perhaps that is because isn’t your average shower head. What is the Orb Spa Vibra Soft? The Orb Spa Vibra Soft is the World’s first soft water … Read more