• 10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day 1

    10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day

    If there is one aspect of my ‘beauty routine’ that will guarantee whether I feel good or bad about myself, it’s my hair. It is pretty much the first thing that people will notice when they see you like your hair is more visible than say your make-up at a distance. I always notice others’ […]

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  • Jelly Bean

    A new found confidence for Jelly Bean

    This morning Jelly Bean and I finally made it back to the Music class we were attending regularly before the Summer holidays kicked in. We had every good intention of getting back to it as soon as the new school year began in September but somehow something has cropped up each week preventing us. After […]

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  • Does your child have a climbing frame? 2

    Does your child have a climbing frame?

    Growing up I remember visiting friend’s houses for play dates after school and being so in awe of them because they had climbing frames and I didn’t. In hindsight I did have big apple trees to climb and a host of other outdoor toys but you always seem to want what you don’t have. We […]

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  • Looking within . . .

    As a Mum it’s very rare to find the time to really think about yourself, we’re always so busy trying to make sure that everyone is fed and watered, has clean clothes and reasonably presentable house. But recently I have been trying to get out walking more, I love nothing more than going for long […]

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