A Better Version of You: Finding a Self-Confidence Formula that Works

If you think that there’s a one-size-fits-all magic formula for self-confidence, please think again. Confidence, a healthy sense of ego, and self-assurance are all inside jobs, so to speak, and neither quality can be bestowed by another. Develop your own strengths and you might be surprised at how your self-worth skyrockets.

Step one on the road to self-confidence


First, take responsibility for your own health and happiness. It’s the number one ingredient in the recipe for a completely brilliant life. Remember at all times that only you can enact positive changes and good fortune in your life. If you sit around waiting for serendipity to chase you down and save your life, you could be waiting around for the rest of your days and nights. Experiment with life, try new adventures and flavors, look for new methods of doing things, and test your abilities instead of waiting for someone else to devise all the fun, recommends PsychCentral.

Develop a life plan and stick with it. Determine a personal or professional action plan and take steps to enact it without delay. Stop putting things off. Do something every day. Making progress in lieu of demanding perfection can inspire wonderful changes in the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Make a timeline, write it down, and don’t be afraid to amend your game plan if a better way to do something is revealed.

Mentorship rocks

Find a mentor who is a master at the thing you want to do. Watch and emulate their good work and study habits and pretend you have enough confidence to ask them out for a cup of coffee. Most uber-confident people are happy to help someone on their way up the proverbial ladder. That bit about pretending to have confidence is a great trick to know about. “Fake it until you make it” is a mantra employed by many people who have supreme confidence without conceit. Change your behavior, and you can change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Pretend to be brave, and you will be braver. Yes, it’s as easy as that.


Instead of waiting all day for your honey to come home to manage a small household repair, grab your toolbox and handle the issue yourself. Find how-to videos on YouTube and learn to fix things yourself. Little successes that leave tangible results go a long way toward enhancing a woman’s sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Attend to small goals with a can-do attitude, and things really do get done.

Head work for happiness

Psychotherapy, group counseling, and goal-directed mental health therapy helps many a woman deal with happiness hobbling self-esteem issues. Women who compare themselves to other women do themselves no favors at all and may, in fact, be setting themselves up for feelings of failure and inadequacy. A skilled therapist can help a woman deal with unavoidable setbacks and work toward a healthier future, explains Livestrong magazine.

Health goal

Setting and reaching attainable fitness goals can help a woman discover self-confidence via progress, not perfection. Many women give themselves a beautiful confidence boost with breast augmentation surgery performed by a talented cosmetic surgeon. Implants, lift procedures, and cosmetic correction of uneven breasts or the natural droop of time elevate the confidence and happiness quotient of many 21st century women.

Implants may be teardrop shaped or round, depending on the look desired. The new contours and improved silhouette afforded by a first-class mammoplasty procedure can be a confidence booster that changes a woman’s entire outlook on life. Breast enhancement is especially effective for new moms who dread the effects of childbearing on their once ideal shapes.

If you are considering mammoplasty, consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who will describe your implant options. Implant materials and fillers will be discussed as will the location of surgical incisions. The doctor will explain the benefits and risks of the procedure and you are encouraged to understand them before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Understand that implants may not last a lifetime and may require replacement in the future. Develop a good rapport with your breast surgeon for best overall results, recommends Mayo Clinic.

Breast augmentation may also be helpful for women disfigured by injury or illness. If it makes a woman feel better and if she’s realistic that cosmetic surgery isn’t a fix-everything treatment, the procedure can be very positive.

Author Bio: Elly Robinson wants to help women look their best and feel their best. She writes about health, beauty and wellness topics for a range of women’s blogs.


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