Microscooter families just wanna have fun!


Back in January this year I attended the Toy Fair at Olympia and tweeted a picture of all the gorgeous new Microscooters they had on display. We have long been fans of Microscooter so we were over the moon when Microscooter picked up my tweet and asked if we would be interested in trying out … Read more

Revolutionary Dyson Humidifier launches exclusively at John Lewis today!

Dyson Humidifier

Yesterday morning Jelly Bean and I set off early for London, enjoying a sunny walk from Green Park to Sloane Square for a special event at John Lewis. We were amongst the first to get a close-up look at the revolutionary Dyson Humidifier which launches exclusively at John Lewis today bringing health and well-being benefits … Read more

Brightstart – the smart parent’s choice for smart kids


With fussy eating children we have to make sure that we give our Beans vitamin supplements to keep them strong and healthy. Brightstart is the new kid on the block as far as children’s vitamins are concerned. Brightstart is the new Vitamin D3 for infants from Quest Vitamins and it is head and shoulders above … Read more

Did the Andrex Clean Routine work for us?

Andrex Clean

New research from Andrex has revealed that 63% of parents don’t think their little ones are fully ready to clean themselves properly after the toilet, without parental supervision before they go to school for the first time and 40% admitted to still wiping their child’s bottom well past their first year at primary school – … Read more

Soothe Eczema and Dryness for babies and children

Bioskin Junior

If you suffer from Eczema or dry skin conditions, you will know the pain and discomfort such a condition can cause. Now imagine what that must be like for babies and children who can’t do anything to make the condition better for themselves, or worse still, tell you how uncomfortable and painful it is. As … Read more

Keep them healthy as they had back to school!


We are currently trying to squeeze every last minute that we can out of the Summer holidays before the Beans head Back to School. It’s such a strange feeling when they break up for the Summer you feel like you have so much time stretching out before you and now looking back I’m wondering where … Read more

Hydration matters when you Go Ape Junior!

If you spotted my #OWIP post on Sunday evening then you might have guessed that our weekend began with a trip to Go Ape Junior Sherwood Pines. The last time we went to Go Ape, just Hubby and Curly acted like monkeys and went swinging through the trees but this time Little Bean and I … Read more