Fed up with hayfever!

So what’s with the hayfever this year? The one thing I was looking forward to about Summer this year was the fact that for once I wouldn’t be pregnant or breastfeeding so I would be free to take whatever medicines I needed to in order to get through the Summer without the itchy eyes, runny nose and headaches but things never work out the way I plan them. I have been taking antihistamines religiousy every day since the start of Summer but they don’t seem to have made any difference at all, I feel like a snivelling mess from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I try to fall asleep at night even though I can’t breathe.

This is the first year that I have also noticed that the Beans seem to be suffering with hayfever, they are all very sneezy and on some days Beanie Boy suffers with swollen eyes, whilst Jelly Bean has a very runny nose and red/watery eyes. I hate feeling rotten in myself but I hate it even more when they are suffering too.


A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Piriton’s Sneeze-Free Garden in London but as it turned out, we were all too poorly to even consider travelling as we had headaches from sneezing and snivelling so much. Whilst preparing their low-allergen pop-up garden, Piriton performed a survey of hayfever sufferers;

·      Almost a third (27 per cent) of sufferers miss out on family days out, picnics and gatherings in the garden every summer as direct result of hayfever symptoms
·      More than one in three (35 per cent) families with a very young child are worried their child is missing out on summer because of parents’ hayfever
·      Piriton is opening a vibrant oasis in the capital this June – a low-allergen experience that shows you can still enjoy the garden, even if you have hayfever

Leading gardening journalist and former editor of BBC Gardener’s World Magazine – Adam Pasco – adds: “The thought of spending time in the garden during the height of the summer can send shivers down the spine of allergy sufferers. Allergic responses can be triggered by a variety of things; whilst some are affected by touching certain plans, others react to the pollen they produce. When it comes to planning your own garden, and the plants you choose, it’s just as important to know what to put in as to leave out.”

A spokesperson from Piriton adds: “Alleries often get in the way of people living their life to the full – a classic example is when the weather warms up and, rather than being able to enjoy the delights of our great British gardens, allergy sufferers are forced to seek sanctuary indoors. We’re constantly looking for ways to raise awareness of allergies and provide people with the relief they need – Piriton already helps to relieve symptoms of allergies including hayfever and is available in both tablets and a syrup, so is easy to transport on those family-bonding days out. With the Sneeze Free Garden we hope to offer everyone the chance for a low allergy experience this summer.”

As part of the research, hayfever relief brand Piriton compiled the top ten summer activities and pastimes that parents reported missing out on as a direct results of their hayfever:

1. Relaxing in the garden (13 per cent)
2. Gardening (13 per cent)
3. A gathering in the garden (11 per cent)
4. Family picnics (8 per cent)
5. Family days out (8 per cent)
6. A festival (5 per cent)
7. Camping (5 per cent)
8. Picking fruit (4 per cent)
9. Park sports, such as rounders or cricket (4 per cent)
10. Bike rides (4 per cent)

So what do you miss out on thanks to hayfever?


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