Soothe Eczema and Dryness for babies and children

Bioskin Junior

If you suffer from Eczema or dry skin conditions, you will know the pain and discomfort such a condition can cause. Now imagine what that must be like for babies and children who can’t do anything to make the condition better for themselves, or worse still, tell you how uncomfortable and painful it is. As … Read more

Summer Holidays 2014 – 11th to 17th August

Summer Holidays 2014 - 11th to 17th August 1

It’s the third week of the Summer Holidays already!! The weekend wasn’t kind to Little Bean with her chickenpox making her feel utterly miserable. She had spots in just about all the worst places imaginable and struggled to sleep because they were so sore and itchy. It’s such a horrible part of parenting not being … Read more