• Blue sky

    Do you know how the weather can affect your mood?

    It may come as no surprise that the weather can affect our mood and emotions. For several years, people have been diagnosed as suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), while many experts also believe that cold or hot temperatures can drain our energy and tamper with our sleeping patterns, respectively. Here, we’ll look at how […]

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  • Dyson Humidifier

    Revolutionary Dyson Humidifier launches exclusively at John Lewis today!

    Yesterday morning Jelly Bean and I set off early for London, enjoying a sunny walk from Green Park to Sloane Square for a special event at John Lewis. We were amongst the first to get a close-up look at the revolutionary Dyson Humidifier which launches exclusively at John Lewis today bringing health and well-being benefits […]

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  • Thank you Kleenex! 1

    Thank you Kleenex!

    When I published this post I didn’t really think about who might see it, it was just part of my Project 365 and seemed to fit well as these items has been my companions during my waking hours.  Today a parcel arrived in the post for me from Kleenex who had seen my post – […]

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  • 017/366 – Fffffffffreezing!

    This was the walk to school this morning, I could not believe how flippin’ cold it was!! Little Bean told me that “Jack Frost has been everywhere Mummy” and she wasn’t wrong. I forgot to take my camera with me (which is unheard of for me) but I managed to take these snaps on my […]

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