Are you babylagged?

Are you babylagged? 2

Do you remember that feeling in the early months of being a parent of a newborn? You have been woken countless times throughout the night and then you wake in the morning feeling like your head is full of cotton wool, your eyelids have cast-iron weights pulling them down and you can’t understand why you … Read more

How do you handle your overtired youngsters?


Since Little Bean began her school journey, we’ve been navigating a sea of exhaustion and the behavioural challenges that come with it. Despite my pride in how well she’s adapted to school, especially considering she only knew one other child initially, the toll on her energy is evident. She’s made friends quickly, which is heartening, … Read more

Not tired!

As we got into the car yesterday, Curly and Little Bean asked the usual question – “Are we going far?” I replied with the same response “Far enough for you to have a nap” In unison, they replied, “I’m not tired.” Five minutes later. . . . . . no, obviously not then!!

I hope this doesn’t jinx it!

You know when you really want to write a post saying just how well something is going but you’re worried that if you do, it will all go wrong?  Well, this is one of those posts.  After reading some of my ‘woe-is-me’ posts about how Beanie Boy still isn’t sleeping through at eight months, Pampers … Read more

75/365 – I made it through . . .

Earlier this week my friend Karin at Cafebebe said she had a HUGE favour to ask me. She needed to go to London on Friday (today) and didn’t have anyone available to look after Little Miss for day, was there any chance I could have her? Now don’t get me wrong, I love Little Miss … Read more