Top Tips to Help your child settling into Primary School

Starting School

The Summer and its infamous six week holiday came and went in a whirlwind, and we are now in the early stages of an autumnal September. With the end of Summer and the beginning of September, comes a monumental stage in many parents and children’s lives like – the first day of school. It can … Read more

How to Help Your Child Make New Friends


Starting a new school and making new friends can be an anxious time for children. Although some children are naturally sociable, many children suffer from shyness, which can hinder their ability to develop friendships. Fortunately, this is something that parents can help children to overcome, using a few simple techniques. Developing Social Skills Read on … Read more

Help your children to continue learning at home with Education Quizzes

Featured Post

School is a learning curve for parents too Having children at school has been quite a steep learning curve. It starts with the simple things like counting from 1-20 and days of the week, but even things as simple as learning their A, B, C’s is very different to when we learnt at school. These … Read more