Pros and cons of saying goodbye to naptime!

There comes that time in your parenting journey when you have to decide on naptime and push for them or kiss them goodbye. We have finally decided to stop Little Bean’s naptimes, and whilst it has been good, there have been a few issues to contend with. Let me explain:

Pros of Stopping Naptime

Pros and cons of saying goodbye to naptime!
  • Little Bean actually goes straight to sleep at bedtime instead of the usual routine of – “Mummy I need a wee”, “Mummy I’m hot”, “Mummy I’m cold”, “Mummy, dolly needs her hat” . . . before finally falling asleep around 9 pm!!!!!
  • We can now go out for the afternoon instead of trying to stay near the house – Little Bean would never sleep away from home, and that could get VERY stressful indeed!
  • Little Bean no longer has bed-hair in the middle of the afternoon!!
  • I get to have some one-on-one time with Little Bean when Beanie Boy is sleeping.

Cons of no more naptime

  • I miss my ‘me’ time in the afternoons to get work done and keep on top of the housework.
  • If we go out for the afternoon, Little Bean generally falls asleep in the car and wakes up in an even worse mood.
  • Little Bean becomes irritable with everyone, friends, relatives – basically anyone who gets in her path.
  • By 5 pm, most days, Little Bean can be impossible to deal with; instead of winding down and relaxing, she goes into hyper mode and drives me up the wall.
  • From 5 pm most days, Little Bean becomes rude, switches off to instructions and is very mean to her baby brother.
  • We have tea time at 6 pm because that is when Daddy gets home from work to all eat together, but this can be tough work as Little Bean is at her most stubborn, strong-willed self when she is tired.
  • When tired, Little Bean whines like no other! Any request that I follow-up with a ‘no’ and the whining starts and DOESN’T stop until she falls asleep at 7.30 pm.

How did you cope when your child was growing out of naptimes? Is there a miracle cure????

6 thoughts on “Pros and cons of saying goodbye to naptime!”

  1. My little one seems to be growing out of naptimes for nearly a year, and she’s only 2 and a half. I have no control at all over when she naps, but as she will nap in the car seat or the pushchair this isn’t too much of a strain. Currently she will nap about 3 days a week but it varies, and we had about 3 months before her second birthday with no naps at all.

    The major downside to her naps is that she tends to wake up earlier the next morning (6am ish)if she naps, whereas if she doesn’t she is more likely to make it to a more agreeable time of 7am

    I guess the only thing we can do it just roll with it.

    • That is pretty much what I thought too. Reading your comment reminded me that Little Bean went through a similar thing about this time last year, maybe I will be lucky and the naps will return again? Probably not, they have to stop at some point I guess!

      Thank you for commenting x

  2. My eldest kindly stopped having naps when the littlest was born, but we have a quiet hour or so where he either plays by himself or watches a bit of TV, that gives me time to relax a bit and him a bit of space to re energise for the afternoon. x

  3. Firstly….lucky you getting naps for that long, H stopped her daytime naps at about 20 months, definitely since she turned 2 there have been no naps. Yes she will nap in the car on occassion but other than that she won’t nap. It does make nedtime easier, I’ve thankfully (touch wood) never had issues with her at bedtime. But even now she is ratty by tea time. I just put up with it because she’s not yet grasped that if she is tired she doesn’t have to whine about it!! I’m hoping the rattiness will lessen though, this time next year when she starts school I’m hoping things will be easier!

    • I know I have been extremely lucky and it is getting better provided I keep her occupied, if I just let her sit down she is ten times worse!! I guess we just have to take the rough with the smooth, they are always worth it 🙂

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