• Calm Activities for Toddlers

    6 Calming Activities for Toddlers

    A stimulating environment to play and explore helps toddlers thrive, after all, these are the years where they’re into absolutely everything! However, too many exciting activities can lead to overstimulation, making it difficult for your little one to settle after a full-on day. This is why finding a balance between stimulating activities and some downtime […]

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  • The Best New Toddler Toys Unwrapped 1

    The Best New Toddler Toys Unwrapped

    Ten of the best toddler toys at Kiddicare and 3 for 2 NOW As your little one grows up, Christmas becomes even more special. Life-long traditions are started, excitement for the 25th December builds and the smile on their face when they realise they’ve been good and Santa has been will make your entire festive […]

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  • My Cheeky Little Man 2

    My Cheeky Little Man

    Today as Little Bean spent the day with Nanny and Grandad, doing baking, finding caterpillars and no doubt loving all the attention, Beanie Boy had a girlie afternoon shopping with me and my Mum. He had us laughing from start to finish, he didn’t shut up the whole time that we were giving us a […]

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  • The Playgroup Secret Society

    This morning I took Beanie Boy to a new playgroup which I found out about through a Grandma at another playgroup we usually attend. I had always been worried with Beanie Boy that he would be the child clinging to my legs the moment I tried to leave him somewhere but from the moment we […]

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  • Mummy Matters

    When parenting goes wrong

    Today started off really well, I woke up feeling good and the children seemed to be in really good spirits. My cousin was coming to visit for the day and we were looking forward to going out for lunch and having a catch-up. The children were really excited when M came, they played nicely in […]

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  • P’kolino Silly Soft

    Do you have an inquisitive little toddler who loves to build, climb, clamber and every now and then, rest!? Well I do and I have found the perfect bit of kit for him. The P’kolino Silly Soft is a stuffed toy/seating/jigsaw type of toy with multiple features to support your todder’s developmental needs and give […]

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  • What is your toddlers food typology?

    I don’t know about other parents but the one area of motherhood which causes me the most stress is food! Regular readers of my blog will know that I have always had problems with Little Bean’s eating habits. For those of you who have just started following Mummy Matters, I began weaning Little Bean at […]

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  • Why?

    Why do I have to have breakfast Mummy? Why are you having a cup of tea Mummy? Why are we going out today Mummy? Why are we going this way Mummy? Why aren’t we going that way Mummy? Why do you like chocolate Mummy? Why are you singing Mummy? Why are you wearing your sunglasses […]

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  • Guest Post: I Miss My Pre-baby Life!

    As I am away on my holidays this week, I have a few guest posts for you to enjoy in my absence. I would like to introduce you to Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy who writes about her life with her Husband R and two beautiful children, her son C and her daughter LissyLou. This […]

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