Slime Planet – The UKs first ever slime venue opens in London

Slime Planet

Slime Planet is delighted to announce the opening of Britain’s first and only home for all things oozy and gooey – a dedicated venue for slime making workshops, slime parties and scientific discovery. Introducing Slime Planet Slime-mania has officially hit the UK and now the kids are leading the way for this huge phenomenon. At Slime Planet, children … Read more

Eric discovers the ‘real’ Easter Island (in my lounge)


We’ve been having some chocolatey fun that didn’t involve eating it (well not straight away, that part came later) with the help of these fun Melt & Make Chocolate Egg Heads kits from Stay In Cornwall. The Beans thought it was great fun to make their own Easter Eggs although I must admit I was … Read more

Don’t shy away from Messy Play, Persil have got you covered!


I know so many parents who cringe at the thought of allowing their children to do messy play at home. Some have even said to me that they leave messy play to the childminder/preschool/school because they don’t like all the mess and they worry about the children’s clothes being ruined but we LOVE messy play … Read more

Our messy play experiment to test Vanish Oxi-Action

Our messy play experiment to test Vanish Oxi-Action 1

If you’re anything like me then you’ll watch TV advertisements with a slightly sceptical mind, especially when it comes to the ads for stain removal products which claim to remove anything and everything. So when we were sent Vanish Oxi-Action Stain Removal products to try we decided to enlist the help of the children to … Read more