009/366 – Just chillin’

This is a very rare sight because Little Bean never sits down for a moment, she has always been the same since she was a baby. From the moment she was born she would never just lay back and relax, her arms and legs were constantly moving, we would joke that she was on her bicycle.

This morning as we were doing jobs around the house she told me that she was feeling a bit tired (understandable when she was still singing in her bed at 9.30pm last night!!) but I was shocked when I walked in the lounge to see her snuggled up with a blanket and teddy bear on the sofa after lunch.


I asked her if she was ok and she replied “I’m just snuggling with bear and having a snooze for 5 minutes . . .” and sure enough 5 minutes later she was bounding around the lounge again large as life. If only it took me 5 minutes of snoozing to recharge my batteries!

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