How do you handle your overtired youngsters?

Since Little Bean began her school journey, we’ve been navigating a sea of exhaustion and the behavioural challenges that come with it. Despite my pride in how well she’s adapted to school, especially considering she only knew one other child initially, the toll on her energy is evident. She’s made friends quickly, which is heartening, but the fatigue that follows her home each day is palpable.

Our after-school routine is all about unwinding. We aim for calm activities like reading, puzzles, or simply lounging on the sofa together. I’m conscientious about keeping things low-key and ensuring she’s tucked in by 7 pm.


However, from the moment she steps through the door, it’s as if she’s in a battle with herself. To ward off sleep, she’s a whirlwind of activity – everything is done at breakneck speed and volume, with poor Beanie Boy often caught in the storm.

Bedtime, ideally peaceful, often stretches beyond 8.30 pm, with Little Bean singing, playing, or making numerous requests for drinks and snacks. This contrasts sharply with the solid sleeper she was just six months ago, who would blissfully rest from 7 pm to 7.30 am.

Today, in an attempt to give her a change of pace, my Mum took Little Bean for a bus ride into town. They left with smiles and excitement. However, their return was less joyful. Little Bean’s subdued greeting and her quivering bottom lip spoke volumes. My Mum’s report confirmed my fears – the outing hadn’t gone well. At the Early Learning Centre, Little Bean found the activities uninteresting. Her enthusiasm waned further at the local Museum, and even a trip to McDonald’s ended with just one chip eaten and complaints of hunger on the bus ride home. Both had eagerly anticipated this outing, but Little Bean’s exhaustion overshadowed the enjoyment.

This leaves me pondering a difficult question: how do I manage her overtiredness? Daytime naps are not the solution; they only push bedtime to an unmanageable 9.30 pm. So, I turn to you, fellow parents, for advice. How do you handle your overtired youngsters?

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