• Elektra Cloud9

    Sleep like a baby – Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat Review plus Giveaway!

    When Little Bean was a baby I remember having the discussion with other Mums about where their children would nap during the daytime. From about 6 weeks old all of my Beans had their daytime naps upstairs in their cots so that they weren’t disturbed and I have to say I have been lucky since […]

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  • Project: No Nap Time!

    I should start this post by saying I know I’ve been lucky! Little Bean is 3 years old and has still been having an afternoon nap of roughly 2 hours but for perhaps the last two months it has started to affect her ability to get off to sleep at night.  In the past she […]

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  • Super proud Mummy alert!!!

    Did you see my post yesterday? Well this morning when Little Bean woke up, we gave her loads of praise for going to sleep without a dummy and told her what a big girl she was and how proud we were of her.  I then said to her that the Dummy Fairy had been in […]

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  • Going backwards?

    Last week it was all going so well – we decided that we really needed to get a routine properly sorted with Beanie Boy and Little Bean.  One that worked for them but one that worked for us too!  And just like that, they slotted right into it and made Mummy and Daddy very proud.  […]

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  • Routine is the key! 1

    Routine is the key!

    I think we’re starting to make progress!  We are now 10 weeks into our new life with Beanie Boy and things are starting to settle down a bit.  Last week he actually slept through 4 nights in a row, it would have been 5 night including last night if Little Bean hadn’t shouted out in […]

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