Beanie Boy’s turn to say a very sad goodbye . . .

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – there will be lots of tears shed today. Lots by me, LOADS by Caroline (Beanie Boy’s key worker) and possibly even a few tears by Beanie Boy himself. Today we have to say goodbye to some of our favourite people as today marks his last day at Sunflower Seed preschool where he has spent so many happy days there since just three days after his second birthday. Sunflower Seed was the preschool which Little Bean had attended before him (and Caroline was her keyworker too) and so it made sense for him to go there too, he already knew the setting well, he knew the ladies and they knew him as they had seen him grow from a bump to a baby to a little boy with great big brown eyes and an even bigger smile and personality.

Sunflower Seed

I can’t thank Sunflower Seed enough for all they have done for my Beans so far (they still have one more to go next year) they are such a lovely bunch of ladies who clearly love our little people as much as we do and they have become good friends too so I will miss them just as much as Beanie Boy will.

Beanie Boy doesn’t actually start Primary School until next September but we felt it was necessary to move him to the preschool which adjoins Little Bean’s school in the hope that he too will go to that school and so can start making friends in readiness. I do not want to have to go through the same heartache as last time with Little Bean when she started school knowing only our neighbours son (even though he is a little star).

Beanie Boy is a very sensitive little soul and although he is looking forward to going to his new preschool he has told me on a number of occasions “but I’m going to miss my ladies” and he is also going to miss some very good friends who he has made during his time. Sadly Beanie Boy’s birthday falls after the cut-off date for starting school this year, but his best friends are a couple of months older than he so they will start Primary School in September this year. It wouldn’t have felt right to keep him at Sunflower Seed when all his friends have gone only to move him away once he has made a new set of friends. It was a hard decision to make but I know it’s the right one for him and he is the one that matters.

Sunflower Seed

But to all the lovely ladies at Sunflower Seed (and especially to Caroline who we all love very much), thank you for everything, for being the amazing little family that you are, we are really going to miss you guys but don’t worry because we will be back next year with Jelly Bean and then you’ll really wonder what has hit you!!

Somebody pass the tissues . . .

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  1. 🙁 sad times! I remember E having to leave nursery and it was awful! Hope he had a brilliant last day and you didn’t get too upset!

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