• How to help your kids deal with anger and negativity

    How to Help your Kids Deal with Anger & Negativity

    As a parent, you’re probably juggling a number of tasks every day – household chores, work, your kid’s schedule, his meals and raising him to be a healthy, happy and successful adult. While temper tantrums are common, frequent anger outburst and negative thinking aren’t, and if left ignored, could affect your kid’s psychological development and […]

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  • Parenting Dilemma 101: Telling Tales/Being a Snitch

    This is a parenting issue which has come up a number of times in our family and I honestly still don’t know what the best answer is. A bit of background All four of our Beans are very righteous, if they see someone doing something ‘wrong’ then they will be only too keen to point […]

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    How can Motivation Maps help your children? Special offer until 31st May 2017

    Parenting is a constant task of guessing and calculating what to do with your little people, second-guessing what they are thinking and what methods of parenting will work best. When that cute little bundle of joy arrives in your life, they don’t come with a handbook tied to their foot, it’s just a case of […]

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  • A lesson taught? 3

    A lesson taught?

    After school pick-up I needed to pop to the supermarket to collect a few bits for the children’s tea. As usual the tiddlers weren’t behaving impeccably (when will I ever learn to go to the supermarket whilst they aren’t with me???) so when we finally made it to the cashiers I told the tiddlers to […]

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  • A new strategy . . .

    If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! I don’t actually know who originally said that but its true you know. I am currently trying to find new ways of dealing with Little Bean’s behaviour as it is spiraling out of control. In the past couple of weeks […]

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  • Let the countdown begin!! 5

    Let the countdown begin!!

    As you are aware i have been having issues with Little Bean and her behaviour just recently. Today whilst at the supermarket to buy ingredients to do baking she yet again ran off and didn’t listen to me calling her. She didn’t look where she was going and nearly knocked an old lady over. I […]

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