What’s happening with the blog?

If you have been a regular reader of Mummy Matters then you probably won’t have failed to notice that things have gone ‘off the boil’ a little of late. Before the Summer holidays I was still loving blogging as much as when I had started oh-so-many years ago but this Summer I spent 4 of the 6 week holiday away with the Beans, I made the decision to blog only when I had the chance to and focus my time and attention on my family instead. The result was, a very happy Summer where we made lots of memories, memories that I wanted to share on the blog but somehow seemed ‘too long ago’ to share and then I hit a slippery slope. I was chastising myself for not getting my personal posts done but reminding myself that one of the main reasons I blog is that my blog is my business and a source of income as a stay-at-home-Mum.

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Each week since the Summer holidays I have had a constant battle with myself to keep the blog balanced, spend time with my family, keep on top of the housework, keep up with the other work I do from home and keep in touch with friends. The result has been that I have burned myself out. I seem to be catching just about every cold or bug that’s doing the rounds, I have been getting more and more migraines again. I have lost my confidence somewhat and despite the smiles I plaster on my face, I can feel myself pulling away from people in daily life other than those closest to me.

On Saturday when I should have been spending the day with family celebrating Curly’s 15th Birthday I was in A&E with chronic pain in my abdomen which was stopping me from breathing and making me feel sick, I couldn’t speak, sit or bend and I had shooting pains in my arm which left me with a completely numb hand. It turns out that I have gallstones, something pretty common but not something which has troubled me before.

I have also found in recent months that the blogging world isn’t a particularly happy or nice one at the moment. It goes on in every walk of life I know, it’s not limited to blogging but there seems to be an awful lot of ‘know-it-alls’ at the moment, people telling others what they are doing wrong and how they should be doing it right even though they have only been blogging for 5 minutes. There is a lot of bitching and back-stabbing at the moment, the one aspect of womankind that I absolutely cannot stand. I am finding more and more that the blogging world is full of wannabes and social climbers which gives a bad name to the rest of us. Those who blog because we enjoy it, those who makes friends because they actually like a person, not because of where that person will get them. It makes it hard to know who to trust which is why I keep my social circle very small.

So, where does all of this mean for the future of my blog? Well, I’m not about to give it all up that’s for sure. I will never be bullied out of the web BUT I am going to take stock for a while, I’m going to have a little re-think, perhaps a re-design and re-launch?? Mummy Matters is still very much ‘open for business’ but I may not be back to full swing for the immediate future so if you don’t mind hanging in there with me then I would really appreciate it. We all need to move a little slower from time to time and I am feeling that need right now.

Much love, Sabina xx

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  1. I totally get this Sabina, vet been working part time for a year now and have had to take a huge step backwards but it’s done me a huge favour as I now only write when I want to about what I want.
    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and I hope your batteries recharge quickly.
    As for the community, it has changed, enormously. I don’t like it and jut stick with those I know and live, I’ve come out of many groups now and I’m a lot happier for it.
    Take good care
    Mari x

    • I think the hardest thing is that I hate to let people down and I don’t quit so I just keep pushing forwards but I’m realising that something’s got to give a little and I need to slow down. Thank you for taking the time to comment xxx

  2. Hope you are feeling better and taking it easy, as I said when your blog anniversary came up, you have been here a long time and no new bloggers can even come close, you rock xxx

  3. Ah, it’s not like the innocent old days, is it????? It’s all a bit cut-throat now, which is a shame. Take time and find your inspiration again; we’ll be patiently waiting when (if) you decide to come back! xxxx

  4. Really sad to read this, you are such a lovely blogger and I have loved being a part of your world. But as you say you are not leaving completely, which is great news and I will definitely be one to stay in touch. It is a stuff business you find yourself. Hope you feel better soon as well, if it is gall bladder then I know how you feel. I had a number of attacks and finally have to have 3 large gall stones removed. Take care and keep in touch xx

  5. I think the best thing about when you started blogging (which I’m so sure was before me) is that there was, what a perceive, to be a very pure reason for it. I love that your blog is your space on the internet. And I think you should be so proud of what you have created and how true it is to you. I read your posts about your daughter with fascination- I sensed in my own daughter who is a little younger, that she had similar personality traits, knowing that as a I read them I would be reminding myself of them as I despaired with her behaviour.
    Blogging moves on, and that you remain true to you will keep you current, relevant, and much appreciated.
    And like anyone, stepping out for a while, is just as things are in real life. Just be true to you and your posts will be read.

    • Thank you Debbie for your lovely comment, the funny thing is that since I wrote that post I have taken the pressure off myself and I have actually begun to enjoy writing again. Last night we went out for the evening and I wrote a post about it in the car on the way home, again today we have been out and my post was written before we had even left London (it did take 2 hours to get out which helped). I just need to be able to write because I want to and not because I have to x

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