• Playdate

    10 tips on hosting a successful playdate

    When Little Bean started at school I had every intention of starting with playdates quite early on but in truth, I think it wasn’t until nearly the end of her Reception Class that I finally plucked up the courage. To be fair to myself, I was pregnant with Jelly Bean when she started school and […]

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  • Featured Post

    5 natural anti-ageing hacks to help you look younger

    Life gets so busy we sometimes tend to ignore those ageing signs that are lying on our face. Yet there are people willing to do some crazy things to look younger. Nevertheless, there are plenty of natural beauty hacks to preserve your youthful complexion. Hydrate your skin with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the best […]

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  • Happy

    Giggles galore at our Happy Party!

    On Tuesday evening this week, Beanie Boy was invited to a birthday party after school which left Little Bean and Jelly Bean a little down in the dumps, Jelly Bean being only 2 years old just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to go to the party with his big brother so the tears began […]

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  • Stress

    Tips to Help Relieve Stress

    Many of us these days tend to lead busy lives where we are juggling home and family life, work, and social events. This can naturally lead to high-stress levels, which is something that can have a serious negative impact on areas such as your health and quality of life. With this in mind, it is […]

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  • Bingo . . . it's more fun than you think! 1

    Bingo . . . it’s more fun than you think!

    Bingo . . . it’s one of those activities that I couldn’t help but stereotype the people who played it. I always assumed the Bingo hall would be full of elderly ladies and gents, I never really had it down as a young persons ‘thing’ and so when friends used to say they were going […]

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  • grow up

    When did we grow up?

    As a parent do you ever find yourself watching your children and seeing a glimpse of your former self? When you see them walking on walls, jumping in puddles or skipping down the street? Do you ever hear yourself saying “get off that wall”, “get out of those puddles you’ll wreck your shoes” or “just […]

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  • The tiddlers have been den building again . . . 2

    The tiddlers have been den building again . . .

    Den building brings back so many happy memories for me, I remember building huge dens with my friends. We would grab as many items of furniture and blankets as we could so that we could have ‘rooms’ within our dens (I have carried that on into my tents when camping, I like ‘rooms’). I couldn’t […]

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