Birthday party ideas for a 10 year old

Captain Fantastic

It’s that’s time again when I need to get my thinking gear on and start planning Lillie’s 10th birthday party and celebrations with her friends. At 10 years old I have found that we have reached that in-between stage, she isn’t quite the ‘little girl’ anymore but likewise, she is (thankfully) still a way off … Read more

Our first time to see Disney On Ice

Our first time to see Disney On Ice 1

There are so many things that we would like to take our children to see and to experience, many of which we will never be able to afford with four children but sometimes the opportunity comes knocking on our door thanks to my blog so who are we to turn them down. Just after Christmas, … Read more

All Stars DVD Giveaway

All Stars DVD Giveaway 2

Change4Life is the government’s healthy living campaign, helping families achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle by promoting habits that encourage them to eat well, move more and live longer. Earlier this year, Change4Life teamed up with Akai, the star of ‘All Stars’, and winner of Sky’s ‘Got to Dance’, to create a new dance tutorial … Read more

The tiddlers show you how to dance to Pop Party 10!!!

The tiddlers show you how to dance to Pop Party 10!!! 3

So it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses at our house just lately with most of us being poorly and Daddy being in hospital but then again, we DID have music! Music is the one thing which is guaranteed to bring about fun and laughter in our house, I often use it to make tea-time … Read more