Why Parents Should encourage their Children to Take up New Sports


In a time of tablets, the internet and video games, it can be difficult to persuade your children to get outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise. Many children now spend hours on end looking at some kind of screen, and this is not good for their development and health. This is why they … Read more

Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansers Range and Skincare Kit


Nothing beats the feeling of babysoft skin, I remember so well with each of my Beans stroking their tiny feet, legs and hands whilst breastfeeding, marvelling at how perfect their skin felt. Bit of an odd one, but I particularly loved their little little feet and knees because they hadn’t yet been toughened up from … Read more

Revolutionary Dyson Humidifier launches exclusively at John Lewis today!

Dyson Humidifier

Yesterday morning Jelly Bean and I set off early for London, enjoying a sunny walk from Green Park to Sloane Square for a special event at John Lewis. We were amongst the first to get a close-up look at the revolutionary Dyson Humidifier which launches exclusively at John Lewis today bringing health and well-being benefits … Read more

Brightstart – the smart parent’s choice for smart kids


With fussy eating children we have to make sure that we give our Beans vitamin supplements to keep them strong and healthy. Brightstart is the new kid on the block as far as children’s vitamins are concerned. Brightstart is the new Vitamin D3 for infants from Quest Vitamins and it is head and shoulders above … Read more

Win a DryNites® Night Time Kit

Win a DryNites® Night Time Kit 1

Children are not generally expected to be dry at night until the age of five, and, in fact, 600,000 children experience bed wetting every year. Although most become dry on their own, it can be an anxious and unpredictable time. DryNites® Pyjama Pants are your guiding light through the night, providing age-appropriate protection as grown … Read more