Why Parents Should encourage their Children to Take up New Sports

In a time of tablets, the internet and video games, it can be difficult to persuade your children to get outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise. Many children now spend hours on end looking at some kind of screen, and this is not good for their development and health. This is why they should be actively encouraged to take up new sports, and this can put them in great stead for the future as there are dozens of benefits to doing so both in the short and long term.

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In addition to the benefit of physical exercise, sport is also a fantastic and proven way to develop confidence and self esteem as they are developing a new skill through participation. Regularly playing sport can also develop social skills as they will be interacting with other kids, as well as adults who will be coaching them. This is true even if it is not a team based sport, so any sport that your child shows an interest in should be encouraged. Finally, sport can teach important life lessons which will help them through adolescence and adulthood. This includes the importance of practice and hard work, goal setting and working as part of a team.

The benefits of playing sport then are clear, but it is also important to note that you should not force your child into a sport that they do not want to play. Instead, you should discuss any that they have an interest in and offer suggestions. Then, to get the ball rolling, it is worth researching local clubs and also investing in some equipment. If they choose cricket, for example, you can shop at suppliers to get what they need to get started. By having the equipment, it will encourage them to give it a go and they can practice too.

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Kids often fall in love with playing sports once they start whether it is football, rugby, netball, cricket, tennis or basketball and it could be the start of a healthy new hobby. There are many excellent benefits to children participating in competitive sport where they will learn important life skills whilst getting fit at the same time. This is much healthier and practical than them sitting indoors and watching television all day long, and often you will find that all they need is a little encouragement to get them going.

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