How to encourage children to brush their teeth

Getting children to brush their teeth can often be a task and is one of the common issues for parents.

The reality is that with increased sugar consumption in the modern day, tooth decay among children is becoming more prevalent. In turn, it’s imperative that you encourage your children to brush their teeth and show them how to do it in the right manner. So, here are some tips on how to do just that with the help of advice from

Brushing Basics

encourage children to brush their teeth

Tooth decay is more common in children than adults. This is why it is necessary that you make it a routine for your children to brush their teeth every day.

When Should They Brush?

The right time to start brushing the teeth is when the first tooth starts showing. Baby teeth will normally appear after six months. This means that the child should start cleaning the teeth as soon as the baby reaches the age of six. Fortunately, the teeth will start falling a few years down the lane.

Use a soft bristle children’s brush and some smear of toothpaste and teach the child to brush gently before they can start brushing following the normal routine. Ensure that you cradle the child’s head and brush the teeth back and forth several times. Ensure that you reach both the bottom and the top rows as many times as possible. The dentist in las vegas can also give you more insight on how to do it, how often, and what type of brush would work best for your child.

How Often?

Ensure that the child should brush their teeth twice a day. The morning brush should be done either before or after breakfast. However, you should always ensure that tooth brushing is done before you go to bed. This is what will help children develop the culture of brushing their teeth before going to bed.

Tips for Someone who’s Reluctant to Brush the Teeth

  • If the mother and the father are enthusiastic about teeth brushing, the child will follow suit. If the parents get excited and make noise when brushing, the children will copy. Let the children watch the parents brush their teeth and they will join them. Ensure that you remind the child when it is almost bedtime so that they can also prepare to brush their teeth.
  • Don’t request the children to brush their teeth, command them to carry out the teeth cleaning exercise when it is time to brush their teeth. Remind them time and again that it is time to brush their teeth.
  • Ensure that you buy brushes that are not just colourful but full of fun as well. Children are character themed thus at the age of 4, introduce them to electric toothbrushes.
  • Alternatively, you can try the doctor who lights up the toothbrush beaker at a cost of £4.99. At net, there are a range of character toothbrushes including flashing toothbrushes which will light up for 60 seconds and signal the brushing time.
  • Make the brushing of the teeth look like a game by singing a song. Employ and use involvement techniques as part of the tooth brushing technique. Get a child to enable you to carry out simple activities of putting toothpaste on the brush and reward him with praises.

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