Do you know how the weather can affect your mood?

Blue sky

It may come as no surprise that the weather can affect our mood and emotions. For several years, people have been diagnosed as suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), while many experts also believe that cold or hot temperatures can drain our energy and tamper with our sleeping patterns, respectively. Here, we’ll look at how … Read more

5 natural anti-ageing hacks to help you look younger

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Life gets so busy we sometimes tend to ignore those ageing signs that are lying on our face. Yet there are people willing to do some crazy things to look younger. Nevertheless, there are plenty of natural beauty hacks to preserve your youthful complexion. Hydrate your skin with Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the best … Read more

Ambre Solaire introduces new Anti-Sand Spray and Wet Skin lotion to Easy Peasy Kids range

Ambre Solaire

So far the Summer has been quite kind to us with regards to the weather. Sure we have had the odd days of cloud or rain but on the whole, it’s been hot sunshine, and I mean REALLY HOT sunshine. I’ve had to be much more on the ball with regards to keeping them all … Read more

Enjoying the sunshine at Sacrewell Farm plus newly refurbished Mill House

Sacrewell Farm

As the Summer holidays were drawing to a close I spotted a deal on our local Groupon site to buy a family voucher for Sacrewell Farm (one of our family favourite days out locally) for just £14 so I bought it there and then. As is usually the case with me and Groupon vouchers I … Read more