Ambre Solaire introduces new Anti-Sand Spray and Wet Skin lotion to Easy Peasy Kids range

So far the Summer has been quite kind to us with regards to the weather. Sure we have had the odd days of cloud or rain but on the whole, it’s been hot sunshine, and I mean REALLY HOT sunshine. I’ve had to be much more on the ball with regards to keeping them all topped up with sun cream this year. Luckily for us, we were sent a special Ambre Solaire Summer Kit to get our Summer holidays off to a great start.

Ambre Solaire Anti-Sand Spray and Wet Skin lotion

Ambre Solaire

In the last few weeks of school when it was really hot I was having to make sure that I put sun cream on them before they went to school and then more often than not, they would want their paddling pool out the minute they got home. The trouble with that was they didn’t want to wait inside for the 15 or so minutes it takes for their sun cream to soak in after I have applied it. That was the difficulty until our Ambre Solaire Summer kit arrived and we spotted the Wet Skin lotion!!

Wet Skin Lotion

Ambre Solaire

It’s exactly what it says it is, a wet skin lotion that can be applied directly onto wet skin (no need for towel drying before re-application). This is the lotion you need when you have water babies who want to be in and out of the water all day. The special formula has been designed specifically for wet skin, it contains two hydrophilic gelling agents rendering it water-resistant and giving your little ones long-last SPF50 for hot summer days.

Anti-Sand Spray

We haven’t had the opportunity to make it to the beach yet but with 5 weeks of the holidays still to go, there is definitely going to be time for that. There’s nothing worse than playing in the sand and having it stick to you like glue because of your sunscreen. The Anti-Sand spray features a special sand-repelling agent so the sunscreen can be easily absorbed without the sand sticking to the skin. The spray delivers via a light mist of SPF50 sunscreen and can be sprayed through 360 degrees. I can see this one being a big winner amongst beach-loving families.

Dr Jennifer Jones, Consultant Dermatologist and advisor to Garnier Ambre Solaire commented:

The summer is such a fun time for kids to be playing outside, but it’s vital that they protect their skin against harmful UV rays. Hats, clothing and correct application of sunscreen at regular intervals will help ensure the family remains safe in the sun”.

Last Summer we had a little slip up with sunscreen on Little Bean, we hadn’t read the bottle properly thought we had applied an all-day sunscreen so we didn’t reapply after a couple of hours then noticed her shoulders had turned bright pink. She was in pain for the whole of the next day and we felt terrible so it’s important that you always read the instructions well and reapply regularly. Sunburn as an adult is painful but on such young and sensitive skin, it’s even worse so we make sure that we always use the highest SPF possible and specifically designed for children. These new additions to the Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids range are perfect for our needs. It is available nationwide from all major retailers.

RRP £7.50 in-store at Boots and online at

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